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Mugna Art Gallery is a platform dedicated to promoting local culture and fostering creativity through supporting emerging and undiscovered artists, offering a space for artistic expression and interaction with the community and wider audiences.

David Loew



Art is an exploration of our relationship with the world. All an artist can offer is his own unique perspective. I see the world both through the lens of a camera and the eye of a painter. The world is my palette. I love its textures, the tangled roots of an ancient tree, the complexity and color of rusted metal, or the peeling paint on an abandoned church wall.

I have always been fascinated by the natural beauty, eventual decay and the rich texture of the world around me. Everything we touch becomes an artifact of our life, a piece of our personal history.

As an artist I am in fact a historian of my own life experience and the world around me. In my work I seek to explore the relationship between the world we live in and the world we have left behind moment by moment. Shards of pottery dug up after a thousand years reflect a moment in some person’s life, now long forgotten.

I am often asked how long I’ve been making art. And my answer is always the same: there was never a time that I didn’t identify as an artist.

I’ve come to believe that the idea of being an “Artist” is a social construct, a romantic invention, an identity. But at some point it is also a choice, one that places demands on us and challenges us. As we answer those challenges we get better at what we do, stronger, sharper, more sensitive, more creative. At the same time not terribly different from people who choose to be executives, chefs, policemen or teachers.

In my life, I’ve been a fine art painter, illustrator, graphic designer, commercial photographer, a product designer, publisher, writer, fine art photographer and finally a digital artist and wet media artist. I have come to terms with the conflict between fine art and commercial art. The way I’ve answered that question is by asking myself, who is the client, am I doing this work for myself, or someone else, it’s that simple, and both are ok.


Chicago-born David Loew is an accomplished artist and photographer. He has had numerous solo exhibitions as well as group show participations throughout the United States, Europe, China, and the Philippines. Loew has worked with companies as varied as Playboy magazine, HBO and Miramax Films; but he is best known in the publishing industry, where as a professional graphic artist and digital illustrator, he has created cover art for over 250 titles, including those by prominent authors such as Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Higgins Clark, Ruth Rendell, Len Deighton and Derek Van Arman. He lives and works in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.