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Mugna Art Gallery is a platform dedicated to promoting local culture and fostering creativity through supporting emerging and undiscovered artists, offering a space for artistic expression and interaction with the community and wider audiences.

Ged Unson Merino

New York, USA


Ged Merino

Ged Merino is a Filipino-American mixed-media artist based in New York, USA. He has held solo exhibitions at The Drawing Room Gallery in Makati, The Cultural Center of the Philippines and other international exhibitions and workshops. He was part of the Southeast Asia Platform at Art Stage Singapore in January 2015, and in 2019 was selected for the exhibition “The Hybridity and Dynamism of the Contemporary Art of the Philippines” in Seoul, Korea where he also gave a widely praised workshop as part of the exhibition.

Merino co-founded Bliss on Bliss Art Projects New York in 2011 — which recently opened a space in Bogota, Colombia — with his wife Carolina Morales. The cross-cultural, artist-run space provides a platform for experimentation and presentation of new works for contemporary artists, writers, filmmakers and performers.
Ged Merino is represented in Southeast Asia by The Drawing Room in Makati, Philippines and in Bogota, Colombia by Maleza Proyectos.