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Mugna Art Gallery is a platform dedicated to promoting local culture and fostering creativity through supporting emerging and undiscovered artists, offering a space for artistic expression and interaction with the community and wider audiences.

Kevin Cornelia

Dumaguete City


Kevin Alex Cornelia Piñero also known as “Sir Kevz” or professionally as “Kevin Cornelia” is a Dumaguete-based artist and art instructor from Foundation University. In 2012 he graduated with a bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts Major in Painting from Foundation University. After graduating, he worked with the non-profit organization Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) for several years before going back to the art community.

He first taught at the Foundation Preparatory Academy as a guest lecturer in the Arts and Design Track, and in 2018 started teaching at the Department of Fine Arts. Since ending his hiatus from the art scene, he has joined several local and regional art shows such as Tubo Art Fair in Cebu, 6200 Pop Up, ATOA exhibit, Hinalayhay Group Show, and Arte Fair to name a few.

A dynamic visual artist, Cornelia blends conventional and modern techniques to create engaging works that represent his inner thoughts and sentiments about life that go beyond simple thought. The essence of his artistry truly resonates in numerous aspects of his work. Through the clever use of black and white tones and the incorporation of his signature elements — be it the delicate paper airplanes or the subtle touch of gold paint — each component serves a purpose, meticulously applied with intention. Drawing inspiration from life occurrences be it from himself or others, he transforms these moments into a mesmerizing show of reality and fantasy from his own perspective. The dreamlike quality shown in each piece captures the observer’s soul, encouraging them to delve into the intricacies of the artist’s creations.

Cornelia lives and works in Dumaguete City, and “Pieces” is his first solo exhibition.