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Mugna Art Gallery is a platform dedicated to promoting local culture and fostering creativity through supporting emerging and undiscovered artists, offering a space for artistic expression and interaction with the community and wider audiences.

July 2, 2023

Mugna Gallery Succesfully Holds “Halaran” – A Unifying Tapestry of Art and Community

Iris Tirambulo
Mugna Gallery
Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines

VALENCIA, NEGROS ORIENTAL – Mugna Gallery recently played host to a truly extraordinary event, “Halaran,” where participants converged to celebrate the profound artistry and meaning of thread-based art.

Under the guidance of exhibiting artist, Iris Tirambulo, participants were invited to embark on a transformative journey of self-expression through a community quilting workshop.

The workshop served as a poignant reminder that the process of quilting, much like life itself, requires us to piece together various elements and let go of what no longer serves us. With each carefully stitched thread, individuals metaphorically released their worries, fears, and burdens, symbolically entwining their stories with the shared tapestry of the “Halaran” experience.

Amidst the creative energy and shared camaraderie, attendees delved further into thread-based art in the Philippines through an insightful talk on the significance of this unique medium. This enlightening discourse encompassed history, techniques, and cultural importance of thread-based art, allowing participants to deepen their appreciation for the profound craftsmanship and heritage embedded within every thread.

In a stunning display of artistic synergy, members of Dance in Motion Company took the floor, translating the essence of the communal quilt into an unforgettable dance performance. As the dancers gracefully moved in harmony, their movements mirrored the collective spirit and unity fostered by “Halaran.”

The true magic of Halaran lay in the opportunity for participants to not only witness the art but also become an integral part of it. As attendees added their personal contributions to the communal quilt, they found solace in the act of letting go, embracing the transformative power of creativity, and forging connections with like-minded individuals. The quilt became a symbol of unity, resilience, and the beauty that arises when diverse stories converge in a shared narrative.

The impact of “Halaran” continues to resonate within the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to be part of this extraordinary gathering. The communal quilt, now a cherished masterpiece, serves as a tangible reminder of the transformative power of art and the unbreakable bonds forged through creativity and community.

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