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Mugna Art Gallery is a platform dedicated to promoting local culture and fostering creativity through supporting emerging and undiscovered artists, offering a space for artistic expression and interaction with the community and wider audiences.

February 17-19, 2023

Onion Kids at Art Fair Philippines 2023

Hersley-Ven Casero
MUGNA Gallery
The Link at Ayala Center, Makati City

Makati City, Philippines – The art community is gearing up for the highly anticipated Art Fair Philippines 2023, and MUGNA Gallery, in partnership with Foundation University’s Department of Architecture and Fine Arts, is proud to announce its participation in the event. Set to take place in The Link at Ayala Center, Makati City, on February 17 to 20, 2023, Art Fair Philippines is one of the largest and most prestigious in Southeast Asia, attracting art lovers, collectors, and industry professionals from all over the world.

MUGNA Gallery is honored to be represented by the talented artist Hersley Casero, showcasing his latest series, Onion Kids. This thought-provoking series reflects the artist’s take on human nature and the complexities of childhood. The series promises to leave a lasting impression on visitors and is a testament to Casero’s exceptional talent.

Art Fair Philippines 2023 is a platform for artists to showcase their works and connect with art enthusiasts. The fair celebrates the thriving contemporary art scene in the Philippines and serves as an important hub for art exchange and cross-cultural dialogue. With a lineup of talented artists, the fair allows visitors to experience art at its finest.

For more information, please visit the Art Fair Philippines 2023 website at https://artfairphilippines.com/afp2023/.

September 9 & 15, 2023
Artists Unite in Innovative Experiment – Well’s Ladder Method 1st & 2nd Sessions Underway
Deadlocks | Totem Yap Saa
Mugna Gallery
Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines
In an ambitious undertaking that blurs the boundaries between art, collaboration, and human intuition, the first and second sessions of the groundbreaking Wells’ Ladder Method are currently in progress.
August 6, 2023
Mugna Gallery’s “Kaleidoscopia Summer” Draws Guests For an Afternoon of Art and Cinema
Rey Labarento | Portia Nemeño | Samnathis | Sandy Dupio | Jude Millares
Mugna Gallery
Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Guests — friends & art lovers — gathered at Mugna Gallery for “Kaleidoscopia Summer,” an event in conjunction with gallery’s ongoing exhibition – “Kaleidoscopia – Seeing Through The Artist’s Lens.”
July 29, 2023
Mugna Gallery unveils Kaleidoscopia – Seeing Through The Artist’s Lens
Rey Labarento | Portia Nemeño | Samnathis | Sandy Dupio | Jude Millares
Mugna Gallery
Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Mugna Gallery has just unveiled its latest exhibition, “Kaleidoscopia: Seeing Through The Artist’s Lens.” This exhibition features the art works of five young local artists—Rey Labarento, Portia Nemeño, Samnathis, Sandy Dupio, and Jude Millares.